There have been estimates of some 50-70 and in some guesses up to 90 million people around the world involved in TKD. So every single one of those individuals can and should be thankful for the gift of TKD that General Choi Hong Hi gave the world through his Original TKD. While there are indeed many styles, systems or various ways of doing TKD, one thing is certain: That without General Choi there would be no TKD. He served as a founding member of the ROK Army, rising to the rank of 2-Star Major-General. After his service he was dispatched on a diplomatic assignment as the first Korean Ambassador to Malaysia. This continued the global dissemination of TKD that he began a few years earlier when he led the first TKD Team to Vietnam and Taiwan. As Ambassador-At-Large he led a TKD GoodWill tour around the world.
After his forced political exile he continued to develop and spread his TKD internationally. In fact his efforts to take his TKD to the socialist and communist countries helped pave the way for TKD to gain official Olympic sport status. Remember no sport can be in the Olympics if it does not have a truly global following. Later he took the bold and truly unprecedented step to introduce his TKD to the people of the northern half of a divided Korea. This facilitated the expansion of TKD, especially to the 3rd world and other non-aligned countries.
If one is familiar with the Tenets of TKD and the Student Oath, they will see that his creation does indeed contribute to a more peaceful world. There is perhaps no other physical activity that makes this contribution in such a profound and meaningful way. As a result we find it difficult to identify another individual in such a capacity who has had this type of lasting effect on the world, that is on automatic pilot moving this laudable goal forward, one person at a time. This is truly General Choi’s Legacy. For this we, the global TKD population must petition the Nobel Committee as each life does indeed matter. And his life matters through the millions upon millions that follow his teachings and continue it with the growing numbers training in TKD in over 200 countries around the planet. There are indeed more places that have official membership in TKD, than are part of the United Nations!

Please support his petition drive to have General Choi’s previous nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize reconsidered!

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